Saturday, July 7, 2012

Making The Decision

Cassie met us at the Matchworks Tavern in Mentor.  My wife, Sheila, chose it because she knew that there were usually several seafood choices available.  Cassie, as usual, was running a little late.  It's the natural result of trying to do too many things in  the course of one day.

We chatted about lots of stuff and eventually the conversation turned to my last blog.  I suggested that it was time to talk baseball and she knew right away where I was taking the discussion.

"No!", she emphatically stated,  "It's waaaay to early to even think about it!"  I mentioned anything and everything I could think of to sweeten the pot but she remained resolute.

The following Friday, we met at Lifecenter Plus in Hudson for a Pedal For Heroes meeting.  We talked about strategy for next February's event and  I brought up my favorite baseball slogan again.  Her shields were still up!

We met again at Lifecenter Plus yesterday.

The conversation, oddly enough, eventually evolved around RAAM 2013.  I told her that I would die a disappointed and bitter old man if she didn't give it another try.  She did, after all, have more to prove!

She thought briefly and then much to our amazement and delight, answered......................"Yes!"


  1. Cassie you are one incredible American to do this for the Soldiers who gave all for America... thank you and I will see you along the Rt 28 part of the Ohio adventure no matter what time of day or night you ride by - from your southern Ohio fan who you have never met! Alleluia!

  2. Finally we Cleveland/Akron people get the right decesion